Nuts and Oil Crops Directorate is mandated to develop, promote and regulate the nuts and oil crops industry in Kenya. In pursuit of this mandate, the Directorate has outlined a number of thematic areas it proposes to focus on in a bid to realize faster development in the industry. These areas include:

a) Administer the Crops Act, in accordance with the provisions of the said Act, as it relates to Nuts and Oil Crops industry;
b) Regulate the production, post-harvest handling and marketing of Nuts and Oil Crops produce and its by-products;
c) Provide advisory and regulatory services on matters related to the industry to the Agriculture and Food Authority and government for planning purposes;
d) Collect, collate data and maintain a database on the industry;
e) Promote the production, processing, grading, storage, collection, transportation and warehousing of all produce and by-products destined for markets;
f) Recommend general industry agreements and vet contracts between players especially growers associations and processors of scheduled nuts and oil crops;
g) Arbitrate and mediate disputes arising between growers and/or other players in the industry;
h) Initiate, promote and enforce quality standards for products and by-products, during processing, labelling, grading, packaging, transport, and storage of produce and by-products;
i) Appoint agents for the implementation or performance of any of the functions of the Directorate;
j) Regulate imports and exports of the produce and by-products for the efficient management of the Nuts and Oil Crops industry;
k) Build technical capacity within the county government officers and other relevant stakeholders and provide technical materials;
l) Be responsible for advising the research priorities in Nuts and Oil Crops industry and to advise generally on research thereof;
m) Collect and administer Nuts and Oil Crops levies to enhance development and research in the sub sector;
n) Co-ordinate matters of international protocols and conventions