The Department’s mandate is to Promote and Develop Nuts & Oil Crops products and markets.


  1. Develop and maintain a database on the Nuts and Oil Crops subsector and provide market information to the value chain players;
  2. Conduct market analysis on trends and opportunities in order to develop appropriate marketing and product development strategies for the Nuts & Oil Crops commodities;
  3. Capacity building value chain players (manufacturers, traders, agents and other stakeholders) to take advantage of market requirements
  4. Provide trade promotional services in local and international markets by creating linkages between manufacturers and buyers.
  5. Facilitate value addition and product development in the nuts and oil crops subsector.

Collaborators in the Department

  1. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics:
  2. Brand Ke:
  3. Africa Cashew Alliance:
  4. International Nut and Fruit Council:
  5. International Coconut Community:
  6. Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust: